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In the city of Helsingborg in southern Sweden, more than 22 000 of the inhabitants rent their homes from Helsingborgshem, a major player on the local housing market. Owned by the municipality of Helsingborg, Helsingborgshem manages more than 11 400 homes and some 900 units for commercial or industrial use. Its total share of the local housing market is 20 percent, while the share of rented homes is close to 40 percent. The total asset value amounts to SEK 3.7 billion.

For years, Helsingborgshem has earned a solid reputation for responsible management of multiple residential areas within and outside the city. Environmental concern naturally is a crucial part of this policy and the priorities of Helsingborgshem have since long been clearly defined in a specific document. When new equipment is installed, no effort is spared to optimize the effects from an environmental point of view. As the example below will illustrate, replacement of one piece of equipment can offer unexpected options for energy saving – i.e. if the right technology is selected for the additional functions.

Reduced energy consumption

In the suburb of Mörarp (some 15 kilometres east of the city), Helsingborgshem has operated a residential quarter comprising 47 rented ground level apartments since 1990. At present, heat is generated in a central boiler plant fuelled by gas. From there, heated water is distributed to radiators in the apartments. Every home has a separate electric tap water heater, its power supplied from the household network.

This autumn, a more efficient boiler will replace the present one and increased volumes of heated water will be distributed over the secondary network. In every apartment, a substation delivered by Alfa Laval – Cetetherm Mini IS – will supply both the water for indoor heating and the hot tap water. By this solution, the dependence upon electrical power can be reduced and the consumption of cold water and energy can be measured for each single household.

Mr Gunnar Ekström is the local Alfa Laval representative involved in this project. He comments on the financial aspects from the customer point of view:

“Our customer had to replace the old boiler, since it was rather inefficient and has leakage problems. This initial cost taken, the added cost for the substations was quite modest and can be grasped in a favourable payback calculus. So, the installation of the Mini was a natural step in order to reap the full environmental effect of the initial investment in the boiler.”

Function and simplicity

Mr Leif Olsson is a project manager at Helsingborgshem. He explains the selection of substation:

“The Cetetherm Mini offers fully automated temperature control of both indoor heating and tap water. The installation is simple – much due to compact measures, low weight and well-planned piping. The control system is programmed at delivery and thanks to a “plug & play” design the station can be started practically at once. Also, the price/capacity ratio of the Mini is indeed favourable.”

Service at multiple levels

Helsingborgshem has had a close cooperation with Alfa Laval for a couple of years, a fact stressed by Leif Olsson.

“We appreciate the service offered by the Alfa Laval people. They are really good listeners. The local Alfa Laval representative Gunnar Ekström has been very supportive, helping us with estimates and evaluation of alternatives for installation – both at the drawing board and out on the site. Efficient teamwork capacity, prompt delivery and excellent service are some of the specific Alfa Laval qualities that we have come to appreciate over the years.”

A growing interest in Mini

The Helsingborg project described above clearly indicates the natural segment for Alfa Laval Mini IS. It is developed to serve effectively in single-family houses and small to mid-size apartments. The global concern for environmental protection has triggered an interest in Mini in a number of countries. An additional example: In Dundalk, Ireland, an installation has been made in 234 new single-family houses. The heat is generated in a highly efficient central boiler plant operating on bio-fuels and is distributed via a local piping network. Compared to systems with several small boilers and chimneys, this solution produces considerably less combustion gases.

Some basic facts on Cetetherm Mini IS:

• Tested according to ISO 9001:2000 – fulfils stringent functional demands
• Fully automated temperature control of indoor heating & tap water
• Tap water supply at an even temperature – regardless of volumes tapped
• Tap water from separate circuit – always fresh water
• All piping out of acid-resistant stainless steel
• Compact, measures, low weight and flexible piping – easy installation
• “Plug & play” design – swift & simple start-up

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