Certified Passive House

Experts in energy-efficient housing, Hanse Haus, came up with the ultimate low-energy certified Passive house in Germany last year.  “The Passive House is first and foremost a house which achieves outstanding thermal insulation and an extremely low space heating requirement of only 15 kWh per square metre of floor area per annum.  With detailed technical construction, particular attention is paid to the building envelope – the shell – to make sure it’s completely airtight, ensuring that no heat can leak out through joints or gaps”, says Giles Hirst, head of UK sales for Hanse Haus.

Today, the first Hanse Haus Passive house is nearing completion in the UK.  Premanufactured in Germany, it was delivered on 15th June, and selfbuilders, Richard and Rachel Stent, have spent the past few weeks watching the construction process of their 149.8m2 passive house. 

“With the building of the first Hanse Haus Passive house in Germany last May and through our own research, we learnt more about the benefits of passive standards.  Although energy efficiency and associated low running costs hadn’t been a primary objective when setting out to build our own house, it became more apparent that these factors did make long-term economic sense.  In the end, the fact that we’re building the house we wanted, which is also going to meet Passive standards is the icing on the cake”, says Richard Stent.

By kind permission from Mr and Mrs Stent, Hanse Haus were pleased to offer an open day at the house on Sunday 11th July where the UK cycle team replicated the energy challenge to demonstrate the low heating requirement of the house. 

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