Centriforce Launches New 100% Recycled Ground Protection System

An innovative new ground protection system manufactured solely from UK recycled plastic waste,  GroundMate® , has been launched by Centriforce Products, the UK’s largest independent plastics recycler.

GroundMate offers a tough and durable substitute to traditional ground protection materials such as plywood.  Water and slip-resistant, it will not rot or delaminate and costs up to 50% less than alternative systems.   

Designed to protect soft and/or sensitive ground from machinery and vehicles, GroundMate is expected to find applications in a wide range of construction and civil engineering projects.  It has been successfully tested for vehicles up to 30 tonnes.

Said Centriforce Managing Director Simon Carroll: “Added to the advantages of its low cost and durability, GroundMate also helps contractors meet waste management regulations and contributes positively to their environmental and CSR practices.

“GroundMate is completely reusable and is fully recyclable after use.  Centriforce also offers a service to take back GroundMate boards when a contractor has finished with them for onward reuse or recycling.”
GroundMate is manufactured at Centriforce’s Liverpool production centre from high quality 100% recycled polymer waste feedstock, sourced from plastic bottles, carrier bags and transportation film - packaging that would otherwise be destined for landfill or export. 
The system is available in two formats.   The standard GroundMate is suitable for pedestrian and light-to-medium vehicular traffic.   GroundMate LT is a thinner, lighter weight mat, providing highly-effective cover for hard, firm or decorative surfaces that need protection for vehicles such as construction traffic.

GroundMate has an anti-slip tread finish on one side and a ‘diamond-embossed’ finish on the other.   Standard GroundMate panels can be easily lifted or dragged into position using the preformed hand-holds. A ‘trailing hook’ is also available to aid installation
Manufactured to a standard size of 2440 x 1220 mm (8’ x 4’), GroundMate panels can be laid longitudinally and/or horizontally and have predrilled holes to allow easy connection and fixing. They can be connected using either specially developed 2-way and 4-way connectors or standard ‘top hat’ connectors.

For more information about GroundMate or any of Centriforce’s recycled plastic products visit www.centriforce.com, call customer service on +44 (0)151 207 8109 or email to sales@centriforce.co.uk.

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