As part of its growth plan, Punch Taverns, the UK’s leading pub company, decided to build a new office complex, Sunrise House, in Burton-on-Trent. As the building was to feature a host of green technologies, high performance yet cost effective insulation was needed to ensure a superb thermal envelope. Celotex’s XR3000 insulation boards were chosen by specifiers for their many desirable qualities.

With a portfolio of over 7,600 managed and leased pubs, Punch Taverns was formed in 1997. Needing a new site for the burgeoning business but wanting to remain in its home of Burton-on-Trent, where it is a large local employer and prominent in the community, it located a new site close to its old headquarters. Managers of the company were keen that the building should feature a host of green technologies in line with their environmentally-friendly vision.

Designed by Associated Architects of Birmingham and overseen by main contractors Ashford Construction, specialist contractor Pyrotect was tasked to install 1,200 square metres of Celotex XR3000 insulation. Chosen above alternatives for its performance qualities, workability and cost effectiveness, it was applied to Sunrise House’s concrete soffit flooring.

A key quality of Celotex XR3000 insulation is its thickness. Owing to its state of the art manufacture, Celotex is the only PIR manufacturer who can deliver up to 200mm, in a single application, from stock.

Celotex XR3000 is perfect for achieving low U-values in “cut to fit” applications and prevents the need to ‘double up’ thinner layers of insulation. This helps designers to satisfy the requirements of Approved Document L (2006) of the Building Regulations and BREEAM and makes them perfect for use in eco-friendly projects.

Made from polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam, the foil faced 110mm boards have an R-value that outperforms many other materials, including mineral wools, and are an effective way to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Celotex boards are the only PIR products to be rated A+ by the 2008 Green Guide to Specification, they also offer low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

The use of thick board proved exceptionally practical as it meant that there was no need to install two layers to achieve the correct specification, and therefore specialist contractor Pyrotect was saved a great deal of work. Whilst very durable, Celotex XR3000 boards are lightweight and can be cut to shape on site with a saw, increasing speed and ease of installation.

Two wings based around a spacious atrium, the attractive timber clad building features solar panelling, full rain water harvesting and a host of energy saving technologies. Now recognised as a gateway project for the Burton-on-Trent area, the building has proved popular with staff and the local business community alike. Marking a sterling commitment by client, designer and contractors to pull together to effect a pristine building, it boasts superb thermal efficiency thanks to Celotex.

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