Celotex has launched a new insulation board that looks set to redefine the parameters of PIR insulation. Celotex FR4000 is unique in that it is the first PIR insulation to combine the properties of exceptional thermal efficiency with a lambda of 0.022 W/mK, ‘A’ rated sustainability and Class O fire performance in a single product. Together these properties mark a major technological breakthrough, with specifiers now offered the best of all worlds.

Celotex FR4000 takes PIR insulation to new levels – consistently delivering more performance across the range. This includes offering excellent thermal performance and better insulation per mm than many other materials, including standard PIR and mineral wools.

In addition to exceptional thermal performance, the product offers a Class O fire rating; the only PIR board with this accreditation. The boards have been so rigorously tested that the classification applies across the whole product, not just the foam core. This means that users can rest assured that they are being protected by high performance insulation with proven fire safety.

Specially developed by Celotex’ teams of experienced scientists and technicians, the foil faced polyisocyanurate (PIR) board reinforces the company’s position as the leading product developer within the PIR sector. It has been developed specifically for use in pitched roof, floor and wall applications and has been designed to meet the demands of specifiers who require optimum product performance.

The remarkable boards also offer a wide range of environmental benefits, with an ‘A’ rating in the 2008 Green Guide to Specification, a low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

Non-corrosive and non friable, the lightweight Celotex FR4000 boards have great workability. Available in standard board dimensions of 1200mm x 2400mm, they are available across a range of thicknesses from 25mm to 200mm with consistent thermal performance values throughout for easier specification. A sister product, CG4000, is also available in a board size of 1200 x 450mm specifically designed for partial-fill cavity wall applications. Whereas phenolic and fibre insulation can retain moisture, undermining performance, Celotex FR4000 and CG4000 boards are moisture resistant, ensuring long lasting performance.

With such a range of exceptional features, the innovative FR4000 is the future of PIR insulation. Helping to deliver reduced carbon emissions whilst gaining credits in the BRE Green Guide 2008 or CfSH with its ‘A’ rating, it simultaneously offers unparalleled Class O fire performance across the broadest range of thicknesses available. This unique combination of benefits enables the architect or designer to specify the best – Celotex FR4000.

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