The UK’s leading manufacturers of PIR insulation boards, Celotex, is proud to announce that three of its products have achieved Timber Frame Accreditation from the British Board of Agrément (BBA), the UK’s leading authority of construction material approval.

Celotex TB4000, GA4000 and XR4000 completed the examination process. The accreditation means that these insulation boards are suitable for use in timber frame construction and meet the standards expected by the National House Building Council. With the certification, Celotex now offers the most sustainable, versatile and thickest PIR insulation yet accredited for use with this method of construction.

Owing to its environmentally friendly qualities, timber frame construction is the fastest growing building method in the UK. Currently accounting for around 24% of all builds, it is expected to grow to around 30% in the next two to three years – and around 50% of all social housing, where environmental legislation is more stringent.

Celotex’ offer the first PIR rigid insulation to have achieved an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008.. As such they offer the ideal match for sustainable construction such as timber frame. Not only do the boards offer superb thermal qualities – reducing heating needs and thereby cutting carbon emissions – they also have low Global Warming Potential and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. By using Celotex products in conjunction with timber, specifiers can be sure of creating buildings that are sustainable throughout.

Alongside environmentally beneficial advantages, Celotex also offers unmatched versatility in timber frame construction. The three certified products are all qualified for use in inter stud, lining and sheathing applications – or any combination of the above without the addition of mineral or glass wools – making them the most flexible boards on the market in terms of application.

This design flexibility is also reflected in the thickness range that Celotex is certifiably suitable for. Accredited for use on 140mm studs – the most popular width of stud used in timber frame structures – the products are also accepted for use on 200mm studs. As Celotex is the only producer to offer 200mm thick product from stock, this enables the reduction in time and cost by applying single, rather than double, layer insulation.

The rigorous accreditation saw the three Celotex products tested on key factors such as thermal efficiency, risk of condensation, fire performance and durability. The BBA reviews the products every three years as part of its stringent examination system.

Pleased to offer a range of insulation boards with the greatest design flexibility to the UK’s timber frame market, Celotex’ successful accreditation ensures that designers, specifiers and contractors can find the perfect insulation partner for timber structures – in Celotex TB4000, GA4000 and XR4000.

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