Cattle At Sea Kept Comfortable By Elta Fans

Fans from Elta Fans Building Services Division are helping keep ventilation conditions on an even keel for livestock on board the Lebanese cargo ship F.M.Spiridon. Forty long-cased, axial fans have been supplied by mechanical engineering specialist and Elta Fans distributor, A. Z. Tec sarl, for fitting to the Beirut-based steamer operated by Lebanese ship-owner Mr. Ghassan El Murr. The vessel, which sails under the Lebanese flag, is used to transport animals (mostly cattle) to and from markets around the world.

The LC063, 5-bladed, axial fans supplied have a diameter of 630mm and are part of the extensive, robust range of long-cased, hardworking axial fans, fitted with adjustable-pitch, aerofoil-section, bladed impellers.  They combine excellent performance with strength, durability and corrosion resistance and were specially supplied without casings from the Elta Fans factory in Kingswinford in the UK, for the ventilation of livestock in transit. The client is constructing rugged housings, in heavy gauge stainless steel for mounting the fans on deck, close to the animal pens in order to maintain safe and suitable conditions. The low-voltage motors were specially modified by suppliers WEG UK for protection against the heavy and powerful ingress of seawater (IP56) and supplied suitable for 400/3/50 operation (400 volts; three phase; 50 Hertz). Total power requirement was kept to a minimum by utilising Elta, axial impellers linked to an Efficiency 2, totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motor.

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