Cash Back for John Lewis through Energy Savings

One of the UK’s biggest department store and supermarket organisations has turned to electronic water treatment technology to help reduce its maintenance and running costs for cooling and hot water systems. Units have already been installed in stores and staff facilities in hard water areas of southern England and a rolling program of installations will continue into the future.

The John Lewis Partnership’s heating, ventilating air conditioning and electrical surveyor Graham Mappledoram was fairly sceptical when a colleague first recommended Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA. Nonetheless, he accepted an invitation from ETC and gained a good first impression on seeing the technology in action at Southampton Geothermal Heating Company Ltd.

This led to an initial installation at the Waitrose supermarket in Caversham. After three months the Calorifier was opened to reveal that the interior surfaces were no longer coated with hard limescale. Instead there was just a soft powdery sludge that would be flushed away in the normal use of the system. It would no longer be necessary to use acid or chip off limescale, enabling the system to operate in a more energy and cost efficient way and greatly prolong its active life.

“I was well convinced by the experience we had in Caversham and was doubly attracted by the fact that Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA required no maintenance and has a very long working life,” Graham said.

Orders then followed for installations at three major sites – the Partnerships’ flagship store at Oxford Street, the John Lewis store in Southampton and the JLP staff club on Brownsea Island off Poole in Dorset. Through this inexpensive method, the Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA has helped to make some of the Partnership’s premises more comfortable, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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