Capital idea from Haddonstone

Haddonstone, world renowned for fine architectural cast stone designs, has further expanded its range by creating a highly decorative new Corinthian Capital.

Specifically designed for use with Haddonstone’s existing M3 Column, the new Capital makes a stunning addition to the existing Doric and Ionic Capital options currently available.

The Capital is decorated with an Acanthus leaf, which is inspired by Roman designs of the Second Century BC. A column will usually have an entablature of some kind to support, for example as part of a portico, temple or classical façade.

The addition of a decorative capital can enhance a design and enable the architect, or designer, to create magnificent structures with a classical theme.

The impressive Haddonstone collection of column capitals ranges from Tuscan and Ionic to Doric and Corinthian, each complementing either plain or fluted Columns. This extensive choice ensures there is a Column and Capital design to suit many different styles and locations. Column heights range from 2m to nearly 7m. The M3 column, with the new capital, stands 5.5m tall. Each Haddonstone column is supplied with a hollow core for the use of reinforced concrete or structural steelwork.

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