Canary Riverside


Architect: RHWL
Material: Reconstructed Stone
Contractor: Sisk
Finish: Honed
Size: 3,300 square metres
Location: London


The hotel, which nestles between two residential towers at Westferry Circus in London’s Docklands, has a reinforced concrete frame, clad with prefabricated Portland stone. Designed to give the effect of natural limestone, a total of 271 panels - each covering a storey height of 2.9m - were installed with smoke stops and insulation on all ten floors of the building. Techrete also constructed a 3.7mm high by 3.7mm wide hollow concrete cube. Hoisted into position and manoeuvred using forklift trucks, the 2.7mm deep cube forms a striking waterproof and wind lobby at the main hotel entrance. Working closely with design and build architects RHWL and John Sisk & Sons, Techrete offered advice on the design, finish and installation of the products.

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