Can Ultracrete prolong the life of our roads?

The subject of potholes is an all too familiar theme that fills our newspapers and online blogs, especially after an extreme winter.  Snows clear, flood waters recede, and suddenly an obstacle course of potholes and cracks become visible on many of our roads.  What if this vicious circle could finally have a breaking point?  What if we could prolong the life of our roads?  Ultracrete may have the answer…..

As a market leader in the production of cold lay products for pothole repair, it may seem strange that such a highway maintenance specialist is investing in finding the cure.  However, Ultracrete, as a brand of the Instarmac Group, has long been an advocator of long-term solutions that benefit local authorities, utilities and contractors alike.  By providing a system that can prolong the life of our roads, they are offering 360-degree Asset Management – a real life solution to the pothole problem. 

Instarmac are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with ASI plc – the manufacturers of the Rhinophalt® surface preservation system.   This innovation will now be available through their Ultracrete brand.

“The point before a road begins its exposure to UV light is where Rhinophalt from Ultracrete’s answer to this problem lies.  This is the point where we can change the roads outlook, and ensure it has a longer life.”
Rhinophalt® from Ultracrete is a surface preservation system that ensures the bitumen’s essential oils are not broken down by UV light.  This means that the integrity of surface aggregate is not lost, cracks are not formed, and therefore water cannot penetrate the surface leading to eventual pothole formation.                      
Ultracrete are aware that such a solution requires a turnaround in traditional road laying and protection methods, however the long-term financial, environmental, operational and economic benefits can far outweigh any short-term reservations. 

Ultracrete ask “why do we find it an alien concept to preserve our roads, our most important asset, when we already see it as second nature to preserve our garden fences, decking and street furniture?”

A simple financial model is available for Highway Management Teams to assess the long-term cost benefits of using the Ultracrete Rhinophalt® system. 

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