Bury based Roxtec seals deal to supply Shell Oil project

A Bury based safety seal specialist has secured a deal to supply its products to a major life extension programme Shell is undertaking on its Scottish oil and gas plants.

Swedish owned Roxtec’s transit seals protect power cables and pipes from a range of hazards such as fire, water, air leaks and explosion.  Its UK managing director Graham O’Hare said Roxtec has started supplying the project in co-operation with the Wood Group which is managing project. Mr O’Hare said the deal will see Roxtec’s seals used at the St Fergus gas plant in Aberdeenshire, a natural gas and liquids facility at Mossmorran in Fife and the Braefoot Bay receiving terminal.

“This a terrific contract for Roxtec to win,” he said. “The oil and gas sector is a key market for us. We have worked hard with the Wood Group to ensure our component meets the right design specification for Shell. In essence Roxtec will be used to ensure cables entering underground basements and passing through walls are airtight, gas tight and resistant to fire.”

Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990. Today it is the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative cable and pipe transit systems, supplying many of the globe’s biggest firms. It has a global turnover of 96m Euros and is active in 70 countries. In the UK its turnover grew from £1.5m to £2.5m in 2008/09.

Roxtec’s seals are used to protect people, buildings and assets.  Key sectors it is operating in include marine, oil and gas, telecoms, construction, energy and power (non oil and gas), and OEM – everything built that is not a building such as trains, engines, motors, generators and power sources.

Roxtec’s products are designed to seal cables and pipes and protect buildings and  equipment from fire, explosions, water, gas, dust, vibrations, electro-magnetic disturbances as well as vermin.

Roxtec is actively expanding into new areas offering innovative and safe sealing solutions to a variety of industries.

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