Architects at Susman Tisdale Gayle have specified natural stone flooring from one of the world’s leading producers, UK-based Burlington, within the expansive entrance and lobby area of Riata Gateway – a 150,000 sq ft suburban office building located within Austin, Texas.

Indeed the decision to use Burlington’s natural stone within this part of the building emanated as a result of both the client having recently used the material within his own custom designed private residence and the architect’s long standing appreciation of both its aesthetic and technical properties.

As a spokesperson for Susman Tisdale Gayle comments: “As designers, we have long admired Burlington’s stone for its intensity, unusual textures, density and simple elegance. We were therefore elated to work with a client who shares our enthusiasm for Burlington’s natural stone palette and product range.”

Essentially, the Riata Gateway building is comprised of two office buildings with dual main entrances conjoined by its large, two storey communal lobby. And it is here that some 3,000 sq ft of Burlington’s olive green honed Bursting Stone has been installed in a random running bond pattern.

As a means of further ‘breaking down’ the enormity of the lobby area, Susman Tisdale Gayle has cleverly set the Burlington stone within a 10’ X 10’ grid of thin satin aluminium accent bands. Furthermore, a repeat of limestone bands have been integrated within the flooring scheme and these appear to march rhythmically from the landscaped exterior paths into each side of the lobby.

“The use of the Burlington stone, limestone and aluminium serve to not only complement each other beautifully, they deliver what is both an attractive and functional floor area that befits an office building of this character,” added the spokesperson.

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