Flexibility that offers prospective home buyers individuality, quality and value for money is helping housebuilder Manorlane buck the trend in the current market- to the extent it is having to move into bigger premises to cope with demand.

The timber-frame developer and kit supplier, based in Motherwell, will double output in the next 12 months, and complete its innovative Saville Row project, aimed at creating a new community as part of the regeneration of Ravenscraig. Each of the Saville Row homes incorporates advanced materials such as Glidevale’s Protect TF200 Thermo breather membrane and Protect A1 roofing underlay, and utilises innovative design to give buyers the flexibility to optimise their home’s ‘footprint’ by adapting the structure to add either a garden room or a whole second floor in the roofspace.

“Saville Row provides the concept blueprint for our future developments,” comments Manorlane’s Stevie Houston. “We are aiming to create a new residential brand, so have to offer something different, that is premium quality but gives prospective buyers optimum value for money. The homes are built to the highest specification within budget, and use materials that will make a weathertight, damp-free, thermally efficient building regardless of how the occupant uses the internal space.”

Glidevale TF200 Thermo breather membrane keeps warmth within and moisture out. Used conventionally within the timber wall structure with traditional mineral wool insulation, Protect TF200 Thermo provides 0.67m2/KW thermal resistance- a 270+% thermal resistance improvement over a standard unventilated airspace of 20mm or more. As well as enhancing the wall’s thermal performance, TF200 Thermo provides a water vapour resistance of 0.5MNs/g, achieving the requirements recommended by TRADA and the NHBC. It also gives a second line of defence against condensation build-up for the life of the building.

Glidevale Protect A1 was the first of the new, third generation of non permeable roofing underlays and has unrestricted use for wind uplift in all exposure conditions in the UK. It can be used as a temporary roof covering for up to three months before the roof covering is laid. Protect A1’s unique combination of spunbound polypropylene and PP film means that once fitted, the material doesn’t “sweat” in warm temperatures, and it will absorb any condensation not removed by roofspace ventilation and release it when temperature conditions improve.

Protect TF200 Thermo and Protect A1 form part of the comprehensive range of roofing underlays, vapour permeable and impermeable membranes from Glidevale. The company- part of the Building Product Design Group- additionally supplies roofing and roof ventilation products aimed at providing innovative yet practical solutions to changing market requirements.

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