BSS Industrial stops stock theft with Smartwater

Leading pipeline and heating distributor BSS Industrial is expanding its use of the innovative SmartWater system after four branches experienced a dramatic reduction in stock theft with no successful break-ins over a two year period.

The SmartWater spray system works by dousing criminals with a clear, non-hazardous liquid which marks their skin, hair and clothing. Every SmartWater solution contains its own unique forensic code, so once an offender is marked they will carry evidence of their crime wherever they go. This provides the police with valuable prosecution evidence which can be used to link a criminal with an offence long after it has taken place.

Mark Gradden, BSS Industrial Loss Prevention Manager, said: “Metal theft is an international problem and the theft of certain items such as copper tube has dramatically increased in the UK. At BSS Industrial we have taken the necessary steps to protect our stock, staff and customers.

“Following the success of SmartWater at four of our branches, BSS Industrial will now begin installing the systems into all of its BSS outlets where we are confident that it will be equally as effective.”

To take the fight directly to those criminals responsible for metal theft, SmartWater operatives acting on behalf of BSS Industrial will partner with the British Transport Police to carry out searches for stolen metal at local scrap yards.

Detective Inspector Robin Conway from British Transport Police said: “Cable and metal theft is high on BTP's agenda due to the disruption and economic effect it has on businesses and communities and we will be working to drive home that message. SmartWater technology is a major tool for police to utilise when investigating this sort of crime as it helps us link suspects with the scene of the crime.”

“Anyone arrested for metal theft will be examined for traces of SmartWater. A search will be made of the person’s house and any property, including vehicles with traces of SmartWater on them, is likely to be seized by police. Scrap metal dealers will also be visited regularly to ensure they are assisting British Transport Police in identifying criminals attempting to sell stolen metal.”

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