BS8300 The Design of Buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of the Disabled People and the DDA Disability Discrimination Act - How do they affect you?

BS8300 encapsulates all the relevant standards under one “umbrella” to ensure that every aspect of disability is taken into account in building design for commercial and public buildings, including educational and institutional projects.

Even in domestic dwellings, if the building is for occupation by the less able or people with special needs, the recommendations of DDA / BS8300 / Approved Document M must be adopted.

The needs of less able people should be firmly in the minds of all those involved in the industry and consideration must focus on the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of people with a disability, whether it be sight, touch, mobility or any long term physical or mental impairment.

Dove Architectural have produced these simple guidance notes to assist those involved in the specification process satisfy these recommendations.

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