Brosteel Makes It Easy

Every tin of Brosteel intumescent coating now comes complete with a wet film thickness gauge, comprehensive application notes and ‘fire rated’ stickers.

"As Brosteel is designed for non-specialist use, it is important to ensure contractors have the right information to hand and can easily check the loadings are correct," explained Bollom Fire Protection (BFP) Product Manager, Kevin Williams. "We have tried to make the process as simple as possible by including everything within the packaging."

The wet film thickness gauge should be used on each coat by holding it perpendicular to the surface and slowly pressing in until the outside legs rest on the substrate. Once carefully lifted off the gauge teeth indicate the loading. The notes give full details on using the gauge plus surface preparation and application. ‘Fire rated’ stickers confirm where protective coatings have been used. Available in 5 litre or 20 litre drums, Brosteel is a smooth, thin film water-based coating which can be applied using a brush or airless spray equipment. It provides 30 minutes and 60 minutes fire protection and is the perfect finish for use where the exposed profile of structural steel is an integral part of the design concept – or to retain and enhance the features on cast iron columns. As with all the BFP intumescents, Brosteel can be finished with a range of top seal colours.

For further information, please contact Bollom Fire Protection on 0845 601 2905

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