Brochure Highlights Sub-base Course Benefits

Offered as an ideal alternative to traditional lean-concrete sub-base courses, Delta-MS Sub-base Course from Delta Membrane Systems features in a six-page brochure from the company.

General building regulations require that foundation slabs must be laid on a specially-prepared sub-base course. When made of lean concrete this calls for a further 50mm of excavation.

Offering time and labour savings over traditional techniques because it is laid straight from the roll, Delta-MS Sub-base Course offers high compressive strength, faster installation, and the elimination of extra excavation. It also protects the foundation walls and keeps cement grout from seeping into the ground.

Made from high density polyethylene, this product ensures good pressure distribution and low point loads thanks to an excess of 1,800 dimples per m2. Impressive compressive strength figures of some 250kN/m2 are given, and the product is quite capable of bearing the weight of workers and wheelbarrows.

Apart from resisting root penetration and rot, Delta-MS Sub-base Course is also safe in contact with drinking water.

The brochure features an informative series of test results comparing alternative products when compared to Delta-MS Sub-base Course. These results confirm the Delta product’s superior performance and durability characteristics. Cogent cost advantages in application are also given in the brochure, showing what can be achieved by using Delta-MS Sub-base Course.

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