Knauf Insulation sponsored the Housebuilder of the Year award with the Mail on Sunday British Homes Awards, challenging architects and interior designers to rethink the construction and design of homes inline with building sustainable communities.

With 14 categories, the awards help to recognise the achievements of architects, housebuilders and designers in their commitment to the design of homes that comply with and surpass Lifetime Homes Standards. Also, the way communities are created to allow ageing occupants to maintain a 21st Century lifestyle as well as the enjoyment of communal amenities.

Telford Homes were the winners of the Housebuilder of the Year Award, presented by Knauf Insulation’s Head of External Affairs, David Adams. The housebuilding group was able to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable regeneration, the establishment of new communities, strong architectural design and landscaping, innovative construction methods and environmental initiatives to win the award.

Sponsored by Knauf Insulation, VELUX and Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan and in partnership with Communities and Local Government, BRE, Modern Built Environment - Knowledge Transfer Network (MBE KTN) and NHBC, the Mail on Sunday British Homes Awards, with the support of BIDA and The Landscape Institute, champion innovation and the awards help to promote a positive change in the design and build of new homes.

David Adams comments: “We are proud to be supporting the Housebuilder of the Year Award and recognising the tremendous achievements from the housebuilders that are actively progressing sustainable regeneration and environmental practices, which are key to building communities that will flourish in the future.”

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