Established in 1960, the group consists of two main operating companies, Westler Foods and Westler Beef Packers. It has a combined workforce of approximately 325 people and a turnover in excess of £34 million. The Group has recently invested in a major programme to improve and expand its production facilities.

Westler Foods primarily supplies the food service industry with snack and main meal products. The “Westler” brand dominates the market for catering hot dog sausages. In addition, the company also produces hamburgers, traditional meat products and a range of meals under its Multi Menu brand.

The brinery is in use throughout the eight -hour factory shift to top up the cans containing hot dog sausages with water. Heated by a steam heat exchanger, water on a continuous feed fills each can in turn on a production line. The can is then sealed and taken to a retort for the final cooking process.

Situated in a hard water area, with a pH value of 7.35, the brinery and pipework regularly blocked with scale necessitating plant shutdown for eight hours every three months.

Two people were employed on each occasion to strip down and clean the pipes and equipment using chemicals and physical labour.

After cleaning had been carried out a SCALEwatcher ENiGMA Electronic Scale Control System was fitted to the water inlet pipe feeding the brinery.

After three months, an inspection revealed that the equipment was still clean, and scale that previous cleaning had been unable to remove was breaking away from the equipment.

Westler Foods anticipates a payback on the System in less than 18 months. The company has been so impressed with SCALEwatcher ENiGMA that it is now testing it on the retort cooker and plans to expand the System to control its scale problems on other applications throughout the factory.

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