Breakthrough LED Technology from RIDI

Representing a huge step forward for commercial lighting, RIDI has developed EBDTurbo – a high performance LED downlighter with intercooler and remote phosphor technology.

The new recessed luminaire offers the lighting designer all the benefits of LED technology – its durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirement – but combines these with a high level of output and a uniformity of colour that gives EBDTurbo the performance to provide full, general purpose lighting for corporate, retail and education applications.

Outperforming compact fluorescents in output and longevity, the 32W EBDTurbo variant emits 2,000 lumen – a light output ratio in excess of 90%. This is accompanied by a 50,000 hour lifespan with a 5 year guarantee.

Key to the success of the EBDTurbo is its built-in intercooler. Correct thermal management is a crucial element in maintaining light output in any type of luminaire and is something that has restricted performance of LEDs in the past. RIDI’s EBDTurbo LED incorporates an electromagnetic diaphragm that gently pulses, creating subtle air movement for a convection cooling effect. This ensures that full capacity performance is maintained, even in confined ceiling voids with no natural air movement.

Further setting the EBDTurbo apart, RIDI has incorporated a remote phosphor shield, positioned above the body of the downlighter. This not only significantly prolongs the life of the LEDs but enables the EBDTurbo’s uniform delivery of high quality white LED light.

As Mike Attard, managing director at RIDI explains, this is a huge step forward for LED technology:

“Understandably, with their energy saving and maintenance benefits, lighting designers and specifiers have been looking closely at LED, wanting to incorporate it as a primary light source. However, a problem with low useable light output meant they have only been suitable for supplementary use - until now that is. The EBDTurbo’s integrated active cooling technology, paired with a remote phosphor head unit, ensures that operating temperature is maintained at regular levels to extract maximum LED performance. This opens up the benefits of LED lighting to a much wider range of use.”

Looking forward, in terms of sustainability, EBDTurbo is designed to accommodate future LED fittings with even lower energy consumption, allowing for a sustainable improvement programme.

Modular in design, the EBDTurbo is easily maintained, with a quick lock bayonet allowing for full customisation through the easy attachment of decorative drop-rings. The luminaire housing is manufactured with a spun aluminium reflector and steel body with bezel frame, with a protective plate incorporated, to prevent phosphor degradation due to heat.

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