There are now countless ways to ‘box clever’ in energy saving for electric space and water heating systems with the comprehensive ranges of Dimplex electronic control solutions.

Launched to complement the new Dimplex EPX panel heaters, the ranges provide the flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any control solution, both domestic and commercial.

“With ever-tightening building regulations and reduced building heat losses, control solutions are playing an increasingly important role in energy efficiency,” explains Dimplex marketing manager Chris Davis. “By offering a modular approach for panel heater controls, we can ensure that products such as our new EPX range provide the flexibility and versatility to meet the needs of specifiers, installers and end users alike.”

Options within the ranges include the new RXPW4 and RXMBS4 four-zone central control units, which can control up to 40 heaters across four individually programmed zones, from the convenience of a single point. These units are compatible with all Dimplex electronic panel heaters, as well as the innovative DuoHeat radiator.

Each zone in the system can be individually configured with a custom 7 day time program, allowing complete flexibility over system design. Pilot wire or mains borne signalling options are available, providing the choice of solution for either new build or retrofit installations.

The RXPW4 and RXMBS4 units are compatible with all Dimplex electronic panel heaters, as well as the popular DuoHeat radiator. And with the addition of the new RXPWIF pilot wire interface unit, control over other heating appliances, such as towel rails and water heaters is also possible, giving installers and specifiers the ability to provide complete system integration from a single point of control.

For less sophisticated control solutions, the new RX24TI digital programmer. provides simple 24-hour programming for individual EPX heaters, with up to 4 programmable time periods per day. Programming is made as easy as possible, using an intuitive user interface and large, backlit LCD display. The unit can also be removed from the heater to be programmed, making the process easier still.

For commercial applications such as hotels or student accommodation where the user is not responsible for the fuel bills, the RXRBTI electronic runback timer provides the ideal control solution. It also plugs neatly into the back of an EPX panel heater and has a simple “boost” facility, allowing the heater to operate for an installer-configurable time period of up to 4 hours, when activated by the user. The installer also has the option to physically lock the timer in place, and set the controller to switch off after the time period has expired or operate at a lower “setback” temperature, depending on the application.

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