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A member of the RIBA CPD Provider Network, Hanson Formpave, a leading manufacturer of concrete paving products has extended its expertise and knowledge to provide CPD seminars, run by the dedicated and experienced Hanson Formpave specification team.

Permeable Paving as a Storm Water Source Control System Just 40 minutes in duration, the CPD is aimed directly at architects and engineers across the UK. As a market leader in permeable paving, and with over 15 years of product research and development, Hanson Formpave is perfectly placed to offer information on storm water source control systems, having successfully completed projects with councils, local Government, Welsh Assembly Government and house builders, both nationally and internationally. In recent years the company’s use and integration of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technology within its permeable paving systems signifies the vast potential of this future-proof solution.

Supported by technical brochures, case studies and with the offer of a free site-specific design service, the CPD presentation addresses the problems associated with traditional methods of storm water drainage. It also includes the different types of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) on the market, as well as the types of permeable paving and storm water source control systems available, plus the advantages and disadvantages associated with permeable paving. Finally the CPD concludes with a question and answer session, after details on maintenance and performance issues relating to permeable paving.

When commenting on the benefit of the Hanson Formpave CPD seminar, Andrew Heard, director of CASE Consultants, a civil and structural engineers based in Torquay, said: “In the last five years we have hosted a number of Hanson Formpave CPD events, delivered in our office, at our convenience; all have been well received by our delegates. The initial presentation explained, in detail, the history and principles of operation of permeable paving. Subsequent events have outlined the changes that have developed since 2006.”

“The CPD events have allowed our team and external partners, such as local architects, to keep up-to-date with Hanson Formpave’s technical changes. We have utilised this knowledge to inform our highway layouts, particularly with regard to demonstrating compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes.”

BOOK NOW for London-based CPD event: Title: Aquaflow: ‘Not Only But Also’ On Wednesday 6th April the Hanson Formpave specification team is giving customers and industry bodies the opportunity to learn more about permeable paving and GSHP integration through product, R&D and case studies, at its morning workshop, starting at 10.00 for 10.30, the Building Centre, London. Lunch, served at 1p.m, is also available.

Hosted by the company’s specification and design team, speakers and exhibitors include Cool Planet and Tensar plus a customer-presented case study. Visitors can hear about the benefits of storm water control systems and water harvesting and, the affect this technology can have in meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Book a Permeable Paving As A Storm Water Source Control System CPD seminar at your premises and convenience.

For either option please contact Holly Wilks on 01594 836999 or email to book your place at the Building Centre or your very own CPD seminar.

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