Bond Timber and Arch Timber Protection Conduct Forum on Treated Timbers for Agricultural and Fencing Customers

Bond Timber, one of the leading suppliers of fencing and landscaping timbers in southwest England, recently teamed up with Arch Timber Protection to conduct a forum for agricultural and fencing contractor customers to answer their key questions on preservative treated timbers.

Bond explained the key elements required in producing durable, high quality ground contact timber posts and stakes.

Shaun Getson, general manager for Bond Timber, commented, “There are four aspects in producing high performance ground contact timbers. Firstly, the use of appropriate timber species, then the careful preparation of the timbers prior to treatment, followed by the use of a wood preservative with proven ground contact performance and finally a professional and appropriate treatment application to ensure adequate loading and penetration of the preservative into the timber.”

“Working with our treatment partners, Arch Timber Protection, we are confident that in using TANALITH E wood preservative we offer the very best pressure treated timbers on the market for our customers. Arch has helped us consistently achieve high quality results - results which we openly demonstrated at our forum event. I think our customers came away with a renewed confidence that our treated timbers are more than up to the job they expect.”

‘We also stressed the importance of using the treated timbers correctly at the installation stage and we have produced a simple pocket guide to help get this message across.’

Arch Sales Director Dr. Tony Kelly commented, “This was the first request we had from our customers for such an event, and I believe it helped to dispel quite a few ‘myths’ there are regarding timber treatment.  It also allowed us to explain the nature of our TANALITH E preservative and how it can achieve the required penetration to provide long-term protection to our fencing and landscaping timbers, making it the premium product for these markets. TANALITH E preservative is a ‘dissolved solution’ as opposed to a ‘dispersion of particles’ that make up some alternative preservative products.

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