BluTop™ stays strong under the hammer

The strength and resilience of BluTop™, the innovative family of small diameter ductile iron water and sewer pipes from iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, has once again been proven at a special event held in conjunction with Anglian Water.

BluTop™ pipes were drilled and tapped at 250mm intervals by a team from Anglian Water - who recently made the UK drilling and tapping finals.

The pipes were then subjected to repeated heavy blows with a lump hammer. No fractures occurred, confirming the durability of the BluTop™ range.

The drilling and tapping was carried out using off-the-shelf Tyco flat-bossed gunmetal saddles and ferrules and standard drilling and tapping equipment carried by most pipeline contractors.

A self-tapping ferrule has also been used by Balfour Beatty on a social housing scheme in south-west England. Overall service connection time is just 10 to 15 minutes, confirming the versatility of the BluTop™ range.

The tests took place at a drilling and tapping training event run by Anglian Water for Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s sales and technical teams, and following previous extensive drilling and tapping trials on BluTop™ by Bournemouth Water, the product passed with flying colours.

Paul Hancock, Product Manager – Water & Sewer at Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented: “While BluTop™ products are more light in weight than traditional ductile iron pipes, these latest tests show that they lack nothing in strength and resilience compared with other products available to specifiers.

BluTop™ combines the traditional values and long-term performance of ductile iron with the flexibility of plastics to deliver a system offering leak-free reliability, easy handling, reduced installation costs and high water quality even in contaminated ground. Its durability and performance deliver lower installed and whole life costs over alternative systems.”

Available in 90mm, 110mm and 125mm diameters, Blutop™ draws on state-of-the-art technologies in both ductile iron pipe spinning and coating materials, combining the traditional values and long-term performance of ductile iron with the flexibility of plastics. All products meet the performance requirements of the new version of BS EN 545.

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