Bleeding Good Idea!

They say old ideas are the best, and now Cavity Trays, the Yeovil-based dpc and flashing specialist has come up with a modern version of an old idea, and it seems so effective and simple that it will undoubtedly be exceedingly popular with Architects and Builders.

It’s a modern version of the masonry bleed straw, and it’s called a Pyramid Weep.

The old custom was to incorporate natural straws within masonry mortar beds wherever there was a requirement to bleed out water from within. Thus damp courses and lintels were built in with numerous masonry bleed straws so the water arrested within the wall could drain out. ‘Letting the wall bleed’ with masonry bleed straws was the forerunner to today’s cavity wall weep.

What Cavity Trays of Yeovil has done is manufacture a triangular version that boasts both strength and durability. The triangular pyramid profile means it can be incorporated within in a standard sized mortar bed – discreetly and unobtrusively. And if the mortar bed and perp joints are smaller than standard, remarkably the Pyramid Weep can still fit, by positioning it’s base in the bedding course and its converging point rising into the perp joint. Thus the Pyramid Weep is versatile in a wide range of masonry and mortar styles, and a wide range of dimensions, including those with bed and perp dimensions below the usual 10mm.

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