Blackdown Install Green Roof at 1 New York Street

Green Roof specialists Blackdown Horticultural Consultants of Somerset have installed sustainable Green and Brown roof systems at 1 New York Street - Manchester’s most impressive new development - contributing to its BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

Comprising 9000m² of office space and 400m² of ground floor retail units, 1 New York Street is a 12-storey mixed used development designed by international Architects Denton Corker Marshall and owned by North of England property company Bruntwood. The incorporation of a green roof was part of a carefully considered design package to ensure that construction was executed as ecologically as possible.

Blackdown installed 361m² of substrate and specialist planting, combining an extensive Sedum Plug and Hydroplant system, bio-diverse brown roof and wildflower turf area which will develop and flourish over time. The planting has been designed to attract local plant and wildlife species and to provide a habitat for insects.

Brown and green roofs both offer environmentally relevant design solutions and are often specified alongside each other to provide variance across a large roof area. Green roofs are self-sustaining and offer a number of ecological and performance benefits, acting as a natural insulator and providing a comfortable working environment for the inhabitants of the building whilst Brown roofs are used to re-create the ecology that was present on a site prior to its development.

Director of Bruntwood, Peter Crowther, comments, “Our approach to property development is focused on getting the most from our buildings without the environmental impact that other new buildings may have. Increasing the energy efficiency, longevity and sustainability of our buildings is crucial to ensure that occupational costs are steadily maintained for the duration of a customer’s occupation. This means occupants are able to plan with certainty for the future, without being subject to sharp rises in service charge costs.”

Blackdown was sub-contracted to Waterproofing Contractor BriggsAmasco.

Main Contractor at 1 New York Street was Sir Robert McAlpine.

Blackdown Horticultural Consultants are specialists in Extensive Green Roofs, bringing more than 40 years experience in horticulture and plant knowledge to the construction industry. They offer a range of roofing options and can also provide design, supply and installation input for ground-based planting schemes.

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