Black DPCs are better than ‘green’ chemicals

Much is being made of ‘green’ issues in modern building construction and repair. Dampcoursing Ltd. believes that its physical DPC insertion technique for refurbishment work is the most environmentally friendly option in the market.

Compared with the chemical injection option, physical DPCs offer a ‘greener’ approach to the work, and enhance the sustainability of the installation.

Dampcoursing offers both methods, and the guarantee with a physical DPC is 50 years compared with the 30 years on offer with a chemical.

According to Dampcoursing’s managing director Mark Brickell: “Much is being made of ‘green’ products at the moment, particularly in the construction industry. When it comes to replacing a DPC, there is nothing more friendly to the environment than a physical DPC. The sustainability features of physical DPCs are there for everyone to see.”

Mark continues: “We actually offer the chemical option, but I am convinced that the physical DPC is far superior in reliability and performance, and this is what I tell my customers.”

Working from both sides of the wall, highly trained operatives cut through the walls using specialist equipment – creating a slot cut wide enough to receive the new DPC, mortar bedding, and packing. This operation is carried out in short lengths, ensuring the structural stability of the building throughout the operation.

The mortar course is then repointed the entire length of the work to create a finished job that is neat and tidy, without adversely affecting the traditional look of the building.

This method of damp proofing is suitable for walls where existing damp courses have failed, or for walls that never had a DPC – whether they be of brick or stone construction, or a combination of the two.

Wall thicknesses of up to 1m can be accommodated. Should the wall be of random course stone construction, Dampcoursing is technically able to overcome any problems that might arise and successfully install a physical damp course.

While ‘going green’ is a relatively modern concept, it seems that the traditional approach can be the more environmentally friendly.

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