Bioplastic envisioned to transform the plastic industry

Although these cream-coloured objects appear fragile, similar to plastic, they are sturdy and brittle. Created by Berlin-based design platform, Crafting Plastics, these sustainable containers, called Nuatan, are made from bioplastic are redefining the use of natural materials and contemporary craft.

Founded by designers Vlasta Kubušová and Verena Michels, Crafting Plastics is an interdisciplinary design studio, exploring how bioplastics could revolutionise the plastic industry. Kubušová and Michels met whilst studying at the University of the Arts in Berlin, and since collaborating, have produced various prototypes made from a 100% oil-free compostable bioplastic material.  Sharing a mutual interest in natural materials and a curiosity for material innovation, Kubušová and Michels aim to incorporate biodegradable bioplastic objects into everyday products.

Nuatan is constructed from corn starch and metabolised by microorganisms. As the bioplastic is made from 100% renewable materials, it is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product that could, with a food safety certificate, be used for single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, water bottles and cutlery, which means more control over the lifespan of a product. 

To learn more about Crafting Plastics, click here.

Nuatan is available to view in The Building Centre's material collection. 

Crafting Plastics. All image credits: Lucia Scerankova 


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