Bilco TER Floor Doors Allow Easy Access to Wine Cellars

Home cellar company, Spiral Cellars, has chosen leading access doors and vents manufacturer, Bilco UK Ltd, to supply its TER floor door to wine cellars across the UK.

Spiral Cellars install watertight cylindrical systems that are sunk into the ground allowing wine storage space of up to 1,600 bottles.

Lucy Hargreaves, director of Spiral Cellars, said "The floor doors provided by Bilco are 898 x 1500mm in size and are designed with a pan cover to accept a variety of flooring materials up to 25 mm in thickness. This allows the cellar doors to be hidden in the floor and allows it to be placed in any room in the house.

Simon Shand-Brown Bilco, sales & marketing manager added "A key distinguishing characteristic of a Bilco floor door is the way it operates.

Each door is spring balanced at the factory and engineered to provide smooth, easy and controlled operation, even when filled with york stone or ceramic tiles".

Features that come as standard include a positive hold open arm that engages automatically when the door leaf is fully open, heavy duty hinges and a stainless steel slam lock with removable top-side handle. TER floor doors are made from 6mm aluminium and built to withstand a live load of 732kg/m2. They also feature anticorrosion hardware and a versatile anchoring system for easy installation.

Each floor door is covered by a 5 year warranty and a range of standard sizes and specials are available in single or double leaf.

Bilco manufactures a range of pit and floor doors. Models include drainage doors, non-drainage doors, doors designed to receive flooring materials, doors for interior building applications, fire rated floor doors and a series of special application doors.

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