Bilco Takes Steps To Provide Total Access Solution

Leading roof hatch, smoke vent and access equipment supplier Bilco UK ( has taken steps to make life easier and safer for people working at height.

The company leads the way in manufacturing and supplying high-quality access products with a priority on safety for construction and engineering industries across the world.

Now it has extended its commitment to further improve safety at work by introducing a new range of fixed vertical and retractable ladder products which, together with its established range of roof and access hatches and floor doors, means Bilco can now offer a complete access solution.

The new retractable aluminium ladders are available with or without a hatchbox with a laminated wood trapdoor and lining and have an option for a fire-rated steel hatchbox and lining.

The optional steel-lined hatchbox offers two layers of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel infilled with 38 mm of mineral wool to provide fire resistance for 30 minutes, or 75 mm of mineral wool to create fire resistance for 90 minutes. The lining butts up against the ceiling to help prevent flame and smoke ingress.

Telescopic handrails (with a minimum ceiling opening length of 1000 mm), insulated trapdoor and lining, and electrically-operated trapdoor and stair are all available as options. The retractable ladders can also be supplied as stand-alone products.

Bilco can also now offer a range of fixed vertical ladders supplied either in steel or aluminium, with optional safety cage and guardrail.

The new ladders all meet Building Regulations and are available in standard or bespoke sizes as required. The company always works closely with customers to provide solutions that meet their individual needs.

James Fisher, Bilco UK/Europe general manager, said: “Our products are driven by customers’ expectations and often their needs are determined by health and safety requirements.

“This is an exciting development and we’re delighted to introduce this range of ladders which complement our range of hatches and make us a one-stop shop for all access equipment.

“We understand the risks to those who work at height, sometimes in challenging environments, and one of our business priorities is to engage with customers to provide solutions for their safety requirements and other equipment.

“These are stand-alone products. Rather than taking any focus away from our hatches, these new products will actually help us to emphasise the importance of providing the right equipment to ensure people are safe, particularly when working at height.”

Bilco hatches provide a safe, convenient way to access roof areas for building, cleaning, servicing and maintenance purposes. The new ladders can be used easily with the hatches on ceilings and roofs in schools, offices, warehouses and other commercial properties.

The company has a strong reputation among architects, building engineers, specifiers and the construction trades for product and service excellence in delivering the right access solution.

Bilco manufactures a range of standard off-the-shelf hatches, smoke vents and floor doors as well as providing a design service to meet special individual requirements.

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