Bilco supplies smoke ventilators at prestigious new residential development on the Ipswich Quayside

Leading access doors and vents manufacturer Bilco has completed delivery of three smoke vents for the new Jutland Building apartments at the prestigious Orwell Quay development on the Ipswich waterfront.

Bilco has supplied two NB-50REM and one SS-50REM smoke ventilators which have been installed in the roof of Persimmon Homes' Jutland Building - an impressive four storey apartment and commercial unit building. It comprises a mix of 24 one and two bedroom apartments and two ground floor commercial units.

The Jutland Building has a smoke control system installed in case of fire or emergency. The Bilco SS-50REM has been custom built to 1500 mm x 2,000 mm and is installed on the top of a smoke shaft linked to smoke detectors on all floors. If smoke is detected the Bilco smoke vent will open automatically along with the smoke shaft doors on the floor where smoke has been detected.

In addition, the two Bilco NB-50REM's - each measuring 760 mm by 1,370 mm - are installed in the stairwells of the building and are connected to a control panel for opening and closing by the fire brigade as and when required in an emergency. This system prevents fire and smoke from enveloping the whole building, providing occupiers with clearer visibility to escape and helping the emergency services to fight the fire.

Covered by a five-year guarantee, both types of smoke ventilator open to a full 90 degrees to ensure rapid dispersal of smoke and noxious fumes. They are typically positioned at the head of a stairway, lift shaft or on a roof and can be incorporated within a system designed to BS 5588 Part 5 or by following a recognised code of practice such as BRE 79204.

They are fully gasketed for weathertight performance, fully insulated at the cover and the curb and have 24v DC linear actuators that ensure positive, controlled operation.

In addition, two Bilco E-50 roof hatches manufactured from aluminium with an easy to use counterbalance system meeting the Manual Handling Regulations will also be installed onto the restaurant and retail block currently being completed at Orwell Quay.

Simon Shand-Brown, Bilco sales and marketing manager, said: "Bilco specialises in working with our clients to provide them with products that meet their specification. In some cases, such as here, we can provide bespoke models.

"All our smoke ventilators are built for long, dependable service and are made from either steel or aluminium. We are delighted that Persimmon Homes has specified Bilco products for its impressive Jutland Building development."

Steve Dawson, a buyer for Persimmon Homes, said: "Bilco was recommended to us by our architects so the products came with strong praise and we knew they would be something that is reliable.

"We also specified Bilco products for use on earlier phases of Orwell Quay and we have been pleased by their performance."

In addition to smoke vents and escape hatches, Bilco manufactures a range of pit and floor doors. Models include drainage doors, non-drainage doors, doors designed to receive flooring materials, doors for interior building applications, fire rated floor doors and a series of special application doors.

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