Bilco Smoke Vents Installed at Prestigious Chelsea Bridge Development

Bilco has supplied smoke vents for all phases of a prestigious high-rise housing development on the banks of the River Thames.

For phase 4 - the latest development, Bilco has supplied 12 REM automatic smoke vents serving both the stairwells and the smoke shafts. Seven of these are single leaf vents each equipped with two 24V DC linear actuators that ensure positive, controlled operation. The other five are double leaf smoke vents that utilise four actuators and were specially made to meet the client’s specific size requirement and aid firefighters in bringing a blaze under control by removing smoke, heat and gases from a burning building.

Three Bilco Bil-Guard Hatch Rail Systems were also supplied. These provide a permanent means of fall protection for hatch openings as well as aiding access on and off the roof, and are easily installed.

Bilco worked closely with contractors Bovis Lend Lease and sub-contractors Lakesmere Ltd to ensure the developer received products suited to its needs.

Simon Shand-Brown, Bilco’s UK Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “95% of all fire related deaths result from smoke inhalation so it is vitally important for new buildings to have installed modern, reliable smoke vents. Bilco smoke vents were wired directly into the building management’s fire alarm system and are activated by smoke detectors.”

A major advantage of the REM automatic smoke vent is that if the system is triggered it can be reset remotely simply by flicking a switch. There is no need to physically climb on to the roof and close the vent manually.

Bilco smoke vents also act as a convenient way to get onto the roof and maintain equipment such as heating and ventilation systems and any other services that may be located there.

Steve Hill, Project Manager at Lakesmere Ltd, said: “As with all Bilco units, these were delivered to the site complete and ready to install. Fixing was a speedy process requiring no special fasteners, tools or skills and the Bil-Clip flash system aided rapid installation.”

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