Big demand for Kingspan Flooring in data centres

Due to the growth of digital technology in all areas of business, Kingspan is continuing to experience high levels of demand for access flooring in data centres.

As the UK’s leading supplier of raised floors to this market sector, we have been consistently supplying volumes of approximately 100,000m2 each year, and we expect data centre growth to continue for a number of reasons:

Following the 9/11 attack and the regulatory influences that followed, the financial institutions in particular are replicating their on-site data storage in new off-site centres.

Other companies are going to independent off-site providers because they are finding that the cost of using their own prime office space for substantial data storage is too high, and there are major power and cooling implications (many buildings are simply not designed to carry a 10MVA load).

The growth of emails, electronic financial transfers, the internet and in particular on-line retailing, is driving an ever-increasing need for more data centre space.

Kingspan’s unrivalled experience in this sector makes us the ideal access flooring supplier. Consider the following:

We have been supplying this sector for many years and have met needs ranging from 2,500m2 of flooring through to 40,000m2 and beyond.

We have wide experience of working with customers to meet their needs – covering everything from load bearing through to cooling and static dissipation requirements.

All our products and services are backed up by our unique Total System Warranty, which guarantees the performance of our systems for an unprecedented 25 years.

Bear in mind that one room in a data centre can be dealing with £100 million of transactions every single day – imagine what would happen if the floor collapsed or if static electricity built up from the floor and began to disrupt the computers! With Kingspan, data centre operators do not have to consider such nightmares because our flooring is tried and tested (extremely well tested in fact, both in-house and by external bodies) and we have an excellent track record in this sector.

Kingspan is working with M&E contractor to Incorporate raised floors into a modular system

Following an increase in demand from the data centre sector and other industry sectors for some areas of a building to be constructed off -site and supp lied in modular format, Kingspan is working with a mechanical and electrical contractor to incorporate raised floors into a modular system.

The ‘modular’ system we are developing comprises a top frame which carries the floor and from which services may be hung, and a lower frame to provide stability and support for services.

There is a 1200mm span across the width to accommodate large HVAC ductwork and services. The top and bottom frames are connected by vertical tubes, and the lower frame sits on adjustable feet, which can be set and locked from the top of the assembly, so removing the need to disturb any services.

A number of these modules may be installed, with the gaps between set by the floor panel module. An intermediate clip-on stringer on the frames helps to support the panels at mid span.

The panel locating caps are designed so that unwanted locators may simply be snapped off, for instance when working to a perimeter.

The mid span caps have built in height adjustment to accommodate any small deviations in frame straightness.

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