Better boiler control could cut business energy bills by 30% or more

Inefficient boilers, where water is re-heated unnecessarily, mean business energy costs can be more than 30% higher than they should be, according to ENER-G Controls.


"Your typical boiler is unintelligent and will often fire up unnecessarily, when there is still sufficient heat within the system", explained, Steve Berry, General Manager for ENER-G Controls. "When this happens the boiler re-heats water that is already sufficiently heated and the excess heat is wasted up the boiler flue. This is commonly called dry-cycling and can add more than 30% to the cost of an organisation's heating bill. "


ENER-G Controls has introduced the E-MAGINE Boiler Optimiser  that makes boilers demand driven.  As such, the boiler only runs when it needs to and at the temperature required to satisfy demand, thus saving energy and unnecessary wear of the equipment. 


Steve Berry added:"Heating and hot water accounts for more than a third of UK business energy consumption, therefore boiler control is one of the quickest and easiest ways an organisation can reduce energy bills and make energy savings to comply with environmental targets on carbon reduction. Typical payback on investment will take 12 to 24 months, depending on the size of the system. The technology also qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances, enabling businesses to offset a portion of the purchase cost against tax. Or if businesses would prefer they can take out an energy performance contract which may provide a better option in receiving guaranteed savings from day one".


ENER-G Controls is providing a 14-day proving period of its E-MAGINE Boiler Optimiser  to energy intensive businesses to demonstrate the actual reduction in fuel cost and carbon savings that can be made.


The E-MAGINE Boiler Optimiser is compatible with most types of boilers.  These can be sequence controlled and duty-rotated to ensure even boiler running hours.

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