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The world famous easy brand has earned its place through providing value with service. Its recently launched chain of hotels, run through franchises, is no exception and the Group’s flagship hotel in London is fitted with Unico Systems, providing heating and cooling for the best comfort, whilst keeping running costs to a minimum.

easyHotels boasts “a safe, clean room for the night at the best possible price” and offers exceptional quality within a small room space. With tariffs from just £20 per night, the chain is expected to grow quickly into one of Europe’s largest. However, low cost does not mean cutting corners and it was important to get the environment right from the start, so easyHotels chose Unico to provide a central heating and cooling system with ventilation capability.

The new hotel, in Lexham Gardens, Kensington, has 34 rooms over five floors. The fitted, Unico System meant that comfort services could be installed quickly and without structural alteration or major rework.

Because of the very good insulation values for the refurbished property, easyHotels needed a system that would provide even temperatures and ventilation using filtered, outside air. Five Unico Systems operate on different zones within the hotel, giving close environmental control, with outside heat pumps providing both heat source for central heating and heat dump during the cooling cycle. Because the Unico System uses small-duct technology to deliver conditioned air, there are no radiators to obstruct the small rooms and all ducting is carried in wall and ceiling voids, avoiding clutter. What is more, the system delivers a very constant temperature without draughts or noise.

The life costs of the system were vital to its adoption. “We needed the best for our customers within very tight budgets,” says easy’s Roger Powell, - “Unico has given us just that – the best comfort solution and real cost savings over conventional systems.” Using heat pump technology and with long system life expectancy, Unico System life costs offer significant savings. “The system also gave us the ability to ventilate effectively without employing a completely separate system,” he continues.

Contractor HVAC Group, of Portsmouth, are equally happy with the result. Graham Evans, comments, “When easy came to us with this new idea, we knew instinctively what system to recommend. Despite the small spaces, the Unico System has been easier to install than a conventional heating and cooling option and we were able to build in the fresh air ventilation with little effort.”

easyHotels are so pleased with the result, they have included the system in the franchising brochure. So popular is the easy approach proving, the Group expects to have up to 30 hotels operating in London alone in the future.

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