‘Best Of Both’ Solution To Efficient Ventilation

An ‘intelligent’ approach to domestic ventilation is overcoming the intrinsic failings of conventional techniques.

Passivent, a leading leading supplier of domestic and commercial ventilation, has developed its unique iMVHR system to overcome the shortcomings of traditional MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) systems in domestic and multi-occupancy environments, up to the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6.

Passivent iMVHR combines the recognized benefits of traditional MVHR with those of demand controlled humidity sensitive ventilation, to ensure rooms are adequately ventilated, but only as necessary.

It provides additional benefits too, delivering greater control thereby reducing energy consumption, being quicker and easier to install and commission, and eliminating any need for occupier input.

Passivent Product Manager Dennis Bates explains, “From our research, there are issues with MVHR, especially from social landlords. Real-life experience shows people do not operate the system at all, or they close the valves because of perceived draughts in habitable rooms and of perceived running costs.  They can also overboost which consumes energy and money. As/when the system is boosted, it cannot differentiate where the extra ventilation is needed, so boosts throughout instead of only where needed. Passivent iMVHR overcomes all those issues.”

Passivent iMVHR centres around humidity sensitive extracts in each room coupled with the patented Passiflow self-regulating airflow system to ‘intelligently’ ventilate only as, where and when needed, without any occupier input.

The humidity sensitive extracts in each room sense when ventilation is needed, opening to increase extraction in that zone only without any occupier input. Non adjustable extract and supply valves eliminate potential for under- or over-ventilation caused by occupier interference. The Passiflow system maintains a constant fan speed to achieve effective whole-house ventilation, reducing energy consumption as there are no energy increases as extraction is boosted. Innovatively, Passivent iMVHR can be connected up using traditional rigid circular or flat channel ducting, or new Passiflex small bore semi-rigid ducting which can be concealed in ceiling voids or stud walling, and cuts ducting installation time by up to 50%.

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