Best in class performance windows from Olsen

Olsen Doors & Windows are pleased to announce the launch of a new generation of high performance windows giving new levels of thermal and acoustic performance not previously available.

The range comprises nine different window models in three different types: Style 68, Thermo 80 and Elite 92. They come in increasing frame depths to accommodate double, triple and even quadruple glazing. Each type in turn has three variants of frame construction - laminated timber, aluminium-clad timber, and timber with additional aluminium casement on the outside allowing 2+1 and 3+1 glazing for extra sound reduction.

That’s not all, 'U' values down to 0.81 have been achieved as well as acoustic performances of up to a record 43Rw dB. The nine frame types permit flexibility to meet each individual client's requirements whilst allowing the client to stay within a fixed budget. The windows are available in pine, meranti and oak.

To complete the series, Olsen also offers double- and triple-glazed lift/slide patio doors in all three materials – pine, meranti and oak.

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