Bespoke Brick Blending & Weathering

In many cases of brick sourcing, the desired scenario is to find a readily available brick perfectly suited to your extension, renovation or new build project. However each building project is unique and you may come across occasions where it can problematic finding a suitable brick.

For these occasions, Imperial Bricks, the leading traditional handmade brick supplier in the UK, offers in-house bespoke brick blending and custom brick weathering solutions.

Brick Blending

Brick blending allows you to select two or more brick types and merge them to create a new bespoke combination of bricks. Different brick colours or textures can be mixed in varying percentages and are carefully hand-picked and packed to ensure they are perfectly tailored to your project requirements.

This process means a wide variety of brick amalgamations are available for designers, specifiers and homeowners requiring something truly unique.

Brick Weathering

The natural weathering of bricks to existing facades is commonplace in areas where buildings have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Especially true for older buildings with imperial size bricks, where the clay has often darkened and can have a sooted appearance.

When sourcing bricks, existing weathering can present difficulties. To remedy this, we offer a custom brick weathering solution. Any of our bricks can be further aged and weathered using specialised techniques to suit your individual project.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us directly, please call 01952 750 816 to speak to one of our experts.

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