Beck Automation and AppliCad Australia -

Joint Marketing and Sales Strategy for Metal Roofing Manufacturers and Contractors

St. Louis, MO and Melbourne, Australia – March, 2011

Beck Automation and AppliCad have announced a joint marketing and sales strategy that combines the respective skills of each company.  AppliCad develops specialised 3D roof and wall cladding take-off software with integrated output to various automated rollforming and folding machines.  Beck is the developer of control systems for these machines.

Joe Beck, President of Beck Automation commented on the new relationship “We have been closely associated with AppliCad in an informal way for many years.  We got to the point where our customers were also AppliCad customers, especially in the metal roofing and cladding marketplace.  We have a great fit when we combine the skills of the AppliCad team and their software with the penetration we have in manufacturing sector of the industry.”

AppliCad, based in Melbourne Australia, has been developing 3D roof and wall cladding take-off software for nearly 20 years and have customers using their software in 38 countries.  The strength of their offering is the fact that they work in a true 3D environment that delivers substantial accuracy and productivity benefits to their operators. 

The building envelope is modelled in 3D easily and quickly followed by all dimensions being checked and verified. This ensures an accurate output which can include the client proposal, full material lists, order forms and details, material cut lists of roof, wall panels and all trim and accessories.  Output of the cutting and fabrication information from the AppliCad program can be sent directly to the machine controller, removing the need for the operator to key in cutting details thus reducing the chance of costly errors and improving efficiency.  

 “We are very pleased with the opportunity to work with Joe and his team.  Combining the skills of our two companies can bring substantial benefit to the customers involved in the manufacturing situation.  Automation improves productivity but only when the productivity is combined with accuracy do we also improve profitability.” added Ray Smith, Managing Director of AppliCad. “AppliCad delivers accurate cutting lists based on the actual verified and checked geometry of the roof.”

AppliCad software has an amazing depth to its functionality extended further by the recently integrated set of tools for sun shadow analysis and solar radiation calculation that are standard features in the software for Photo Voltaic (PV) cell and solar hot water heater planning and design

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