Beatrix Gold Mine, south of the city of Welkom, in the Free State gold mining belt in South Africa was one of the first mines to test ScalewatcherTM on a water based process fluid.

The company installed a ScalewatcherTM unit on to the 4-inch circulation line of their Elution gold recovery plant where scale was creating heat transfer problems and necessitating downtime whilst the plate heat exchangers were cleaned.

Following the ScalewatcherTM installation, optimum process conditions prevailed and downtime, replacement parts and labour costs were dramatically reduced.

The company has since purchased other ScalewatcherTM units for similar applications and have also installed units in cooling towers.

Of particular interest is the fact that when engineers have moved from the Beatrix Gold Mine to other mines, they have purchased ScalewatcherTM units to treat similar heat transfer problems.

Recently, the ScalewatcherTM agents in South Africa shipped a unit to Ghana for the Billton Bogosu Mine and a South African engineer has recommended ScalewatcherTM to a mine in Australia.

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