A waterfront beach house on the Hampshire coastline has been renovated using Profile 3 and Farmscape fibre cement profiled sheeting from Marley Eternit.

Located in Chichester, the 1940s home sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and therefore required sensitive modernisation.

This was achieved by using a combination of Marley Eternit Farmscape in matt Anthracite colour for the pitched roof and Profile 3 in Natural Grey for the cladding.

The success of using Marley Eternit fibre cement profiled sheeting was recognised by Chichester Harbour Conservancy, which included the home in its Design Guide as a good example of a sensitive and contemporary development that protects the area’s natural beauty.

The architect specified Profile 3 for use as cladding because of its shallower profile, which created a more subtle appearance as well as reducing heavy shadow lines. The sheets were fitted in landscape format to create a unique visual character to the building.

Farmscape in Anthracite was used for the pitched roof, which has an unusual design in that the eaves extend nearly to ground level – a style of architectural found on some buildings exposed to coastal weather conditions.

Farmscape, which is available in three colours, has a surface pigmentation applied to its top face giving it a textured, matt finish. This surface finish reduces the visual impact of the building by giving the profiled sheeting a more natural look from new – creating the impression the newly refurbished property has been there for years.

Together with the subtle variations in tone inherent in cementitious products, the appearance of Farmscape Anthracite and Profile 3 Natural Grey will ensure that the property blends with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which it sits.

The renovation plans for the property were devised by architectural practice Sens, with Farmscape and Profile 3 fitted by Paul Flint & Company.

Eric Guibert, Project Architect at Sens, said: “Farmscape and Profile 3 from Marley Eternit helped reduce the visual impact of the refurbishment by giving it a more natural look from new. The fibre cement profiled sheeting was therefore an integral element of ensuring the refurbished property was sympathetic with its surroundings.”

Marley Eternit fibre cement profiled sheeting is corrosion resistant due to the fact it has no metallic content, giving it a life expectancy of around 50 years. It is vapour permeable yet completely waterproof, which means that any moisture from inside the building can diffuse to the outside, limiting the amount of condensation and therefore potential damage to the roof structure.

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