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Potholes aren’t the only problem with the world’s road network! Wet conditions, polished ironwork and worn road markings are all known causes of road accidents. Local authorities and municipalities are under pressure to find cost-effective, permanent solutions for these road safety issues. You can provide the solution in Ultracrete’s range of anti-skid repair and refurbishment products.

Ultracrete, part of the Instarmac Group plc, are worldwide leaders in the manufacture of such maintenance and road repair products. Alongside their world renowned Ultracrete Instant Road Repair®, a cold lay asphalt for the permanent repair of potholes, they also offer a range of innovative materials to improve road safety, especially for 2-wheeled road users.

Instaband ECO is a thermoplastic skid resistant over banding tape designed to prevent the ingress of water which eventually leads to structural road failure. Instaband ECO is quick and easy to apply – minimising traffic management, prolongs the life of the reinstatement which provides a cost-effective repair and has a high skid resistance value - improving road safety especially for motorbikes and cyclists.

Instagrip is an anti-skid patch repair suitable for the repair of high friction surfacing typically placed on pedestrian crossings, junctions, and roundabouts. Available in 5 colours, this easy to use material reduces traffic management, minimising time and congestion.

CoverGrip is an anti-skid thermoplastic kit for fast anti-skid treatment of new and in-situ road ironwork. This quick and easy to use material improves road safety, is cost effective as it allows for covers to be treated in-situ and restores skid-resistance to 60 SRV.
All of these anti-skid solutions are available to you as an Instarmac Licensee. To find out more about this exciting business opportunity, please visit to watch a step-by-step guide on becoming an Instarmac Licensee.
To find out more about Ultracrete’s portfolio of anti-skid materials, and any of their other highway maintenance and repair solutions, please email or call the International Sales Team on +44 (0) 1827 871871.

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