BDP Specifies Cladding Solutions [Fibre C] For State Of The Art College Campus

For the state of the art Crichton Campus, home to Dumfries and Galloway College, Scotland’s first multi-institutional campus, architects BDP required a natural cladding finish that would reflect the modern nature of the building whilst complementing the surrounding architecture and geographical features. [fibre C], an innovative glass reinforced concrete cladding from Cladding Solutions, provided the answer.

Crichton Campus hosts the Universities of Glasgow and Paisley, Bell College and Dumfries and Galloway College within a 4.3-hectare greenfield site. BDP created the building to be sympathetic against the rural background of the Galloway Hills and, thanks to an ingenious design, the scale of the development at every viewpoint appears smaller than its actual size to minimise impact on the countryside.

As well as providing an impressive first impression, [fibre C] cladding has aided the design by offering a modern take on the Lochabriggs sandstone used on the surrounding buildings, creating a modern, yet sympathetic façade with organic characteristics that enables the building to sit comfortably in its environment.

[Fibre c] is a multi facetted, ultra thin, high strength-cladding product. A ‘concrete skin’ material, it combines the toughness, workability and durability of concrete whilst benefitting from the reduction in thickness, stability and fire protection qualities that glass fibre offers.

The £25million build was by main contractor Miller Construction, the [fibre C] panels were fitted by specialist contractor Topek using a concealed mechanical fix. This ensured the aesthetics of the external façade of the three storey building was maintained.

The panels were incorporated into a rainscreen cladding system to create a watertight envelope around a building that features a natural ventilation system as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.

The panels are available in a range of standard sizes but can be fabricated to virtually any size to help eliminate joints. The panels are also available in a wide range of natural shades to suit most applications. BDP specified Terracotta Ferro (Texture), Anthracite Matt polish and Silver Grey Ferro Light to create a façade with visual impact.

The new building benefits both College and University students and houses Scotland’s first fully integrated FE/HE library and resource centre. The south side of the building also incorporates a social area to provide a relaxing and friendly area for students, whilst the north side is used for teaching to fully utilise the natural light.

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