BBA Certify Falzinc and AluPlusZinc

Kalzip has gained BBA Certification for Falzinc and AluPlusZinc (Certificate No 08/4571). Both of these robust, low maintenance and sustainable external building materials are manufactured using a core of saline-resistant aluminium alloy electroplated on both sides with a thin layer of zinc and phosphate treated. Patented by Corus, this unique PEGAL process provides these materials with the performance benefits of aluminium combined with the pre-weathered mid grey appearance of zinc whilst eliminating most of the corrosion problems often associated with zinc.

Falzinc (pictured) is ideal for use in fully supported roofing, façade and soffit applications where a traditional metal appearance is desired. A lightweight and strong yet foldable material, Falzinc is available in thicknesses of 0.7mm or 1.0mm and is supplied to specialist approved contractors in coil form for roll forming into raised seam sheets or forming into panels, flashing and trims.

AluPlusZinc also has the distinctive mellow appeal of pre-weathered zinc but is a more rigid alloy and one of the many materials used to manufacture the world-renowned Kalzip standing seam roofing and cladding system. AluPlusZinc can be supplied in 1.00mm thick coils or sheets for the manufacture of flashings to match the Kalzip sheets.

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