BBA Approval for Promat TL Board®

Promat UK has gained an Agrément Certificate (09/4646) from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for its Promat TL Board® range of thermal upgrading insulation boards.

There is an increasing requirement to thermally upgrade semi-exposed concrete soffits, such as underground car park levels, both in the conversion or refurbishment of existing buildings, and in new build constructions. Promat TL Board® comprises of a calcium silicate board, bonded to phenolic insulation and is designed to be fixed to the underside of concrete floors, achieving U-values of 0.20W/m2K or better.

Mechanically fixed to a concrete soffit, Promat TL Board® will provide reliable thermal performance over the lifetime of the building, meeting and exceeding the most stringent building regulations. Promat TL Board® does not use CFC’s or HCFC’s and has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5, resulting in an enhanced BREEAM rating.

In addition to providing high levels of thermal insulation to building envelopes, Promat TL Board® offers Class 0 rating for surface spread of flame, has a non-combustible facing board and is resistant to moisture and impact.

Nigel Morrey, Promat Technical Director commented, “We are delighted to achieve the BBA approval for Promat TL Board®, underlining our robust supply chain and comprehensive system testing regime.”

The BBA puts products through a thorough assessment including checking production processes to ensure consistency of supply and examining test data to verify product performance.

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