BAXI Group Extends Micro-CHP CPD Programme

Baxi Group, Europe’s sole manufacturer of micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) units for the home, has announced that its latest series of ten CPD courses covering micro-CHP for the home have commenced.

Targeting architects, specifiers, consultants and developers in the public and private sector, Baxi’s micro-CHP CPD course will explore the key market and legislative drivers at work in this emerging sector of the home heating market. It will examine the Building Regulations Part L, the Code for Sustainable Homes, Feed-In Tariffs, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Micro-generation Certification Scheme, assessing the likely impact of these initiatives and other factors on the uptake of micro-CHP.

The course will also offer delegates a technical understanding of the three key micro-CHP technologies – internal combustion engines, Free Piston Stirling engines and fuel cells – and give an important insight into their financial and environmental benefits. Hosted in association with CPD Services, Baxi Group’s Micro-CHP course will be available at locations across the country.

“Last year, we ran three Micro-CHP CPD courses, which were all over-subscribed” says Simon Osborne, Specification Channel Manager. “In view of changes to regulations coming through in 2010, increasing awareness of micro-CHP technology and the commercial availability of new products, such as, the Baxi Ecogen, we fully expect this new series of courses to be equally, if not more, popular. Micro-CHP is incredibly important to our low carbon future and Baxi Group is at the forefront of the technology and its application in residential applications.”

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