Bathroom Fittings: New Designs from Kludi

Zenta – Ideal for Every Bathroom

A new range of bathroom fittings from Kludi in a classically timeless design that suits all bathroom styles/ Complete range featuring exposed and concealed solutions.

Kludi presents a new range of fittings: Zenta, Circles and Rectangles logically come together as one, making the range suitable for all types of bathroom design. This range of fittings proves once again that Kludi is expert at producing sophisticated, integrated solutions: Zenta brings a Universal design of fittings into the whole bathroom.

Zenta is a complete range featuring two basin mixers and one bidet mixer as well as an exposed and a concealed solution each for bath and shower. This means that bathroom designers can fulfill customers’ individual wishes.

To provide plenty of room for movement even in smaller shower cubicles, Kludi has designed a concealed single lever shower mixer and an especially flat exposed one. Fitted with a smooth-running ceramic cartridge, Zenta is maintenance-free and particularly long lasting. The s-pointer adjustable flow regulator has been integrated as standard into the spout of the basin fitting, guiding the water flow to exactly where it is required.

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