Basta launches 4000 Series Stay

With it’s sleek elegant lines and vastly improved locking mechanism, the 4000 series will add beauty, security & functionality to any window.

The 4000 series replaces all variants of the Basta 1900, Shaws 2000 and 3000 series. It is available in two backset sizes, 16mm & 20mm and two styles - Non Locking and Locking - 4016/4016L and 4020/4020L.

The new Basta ‘Intelligent Locking Mechanism’ provides easier fitting, improved security with more positive locking and greater resistance to ‘Bumping’. Both locking & non locking clips are now sturdier.

Now available in Satin Chrome to compliment our existing Metallic finishes (BP, CP) and Painted (E/S powder coated) White, Grey,Brown, Champagne Gold and Black. A fitting template is provided in every box.

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