Bank of England’s Deputy Governor Visits Pegler Yorkshire

Pegler Yorkshire, leading manufacturer of water flow solutions for the plumbing industry has welcomed Charlie Bean, Deputy Governor of Monetary Policy at the Bank of England, to its Doncaster premises.  Mr Bean visited the company as part of a region wide fact finding mission and was particularly interested in Pegler Yorkshire’s growth in export sales.


The Deputy Governor spoke with Directors of the company and was taken on a tour of the facility which took in the key elements of brass product manufacturing.  Including processing the raw material, of which Pegler Yorkshire is one of only two remaining companies in the UK to have this facility, through to rod extrusion, machining, chrome plating, and finished product testing and labelling.


Stuart Anderson, Managing Director of Pegler Yorkshire commented: “As manufacturing is an important part of the local and wider economy we were encouraged by the visit and the opportunity to speak directly with the Deputy Governor. 


“It was evident Mr Bean was keen to see innovation at the forefront of British manufacturing and the opportunities these innovations offer to both the regional business community and export sales.


“We are proud to show that our growth in export continues to underpin our contribution to the local economy by the staff we employ and the local suppliers we use.”


Pegler Yorkshire which has over 660 UK employees has concentrated on export growth via expansion into the Middle East and becoming the European developer of metal push-fit solutions through the company’s Tectite brand.  The company was keen to demonstrate its prowess in its export strategy and discuss factors that contribute to its success.


Stuart concluded: “As a business we welcome the stability of the currency and are pleased to see that interest rates remain low, it is also encouraging to see the continuation of quantitative easing, all of which help us to develop our business on the global stage.  It is important that the Government and banking industry continue to support investment into schools, hospitals and local housing projects to ensure UK manufacturing output remains steady but with an opportunity of growth.


“It would be great to see the feel good factor that surrounds Britain at present filter through to British products with more and more companies encouraged to ‘Buy British’.”


The high manufacturing standards and processes of which Pegler Yorkshire adhere to, coupled with continual innovation in product development, investment into new plant and equipment plus the understanding of global markets ensures Pegler Yorkshire is comfortably positioned to export products across the world.  Being based in Yorkshire and the transportation infrastructure in the area offers a distinct advantage to the company in delivering its products worldwide.

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